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Invisible Process,
Visible Results!

Our platform takes care of the complex Agile process, leaving you with visible results


Visible Results.
Invisible Process

Focus on greater value while we break down the process complexities

Get all your results seamless while we take over all the heavy lifting.

Let our Scrumban handle your complexities

Predictive Auto Scaling

Grow from a garden patch to a forest and yet auto manage scaling complexities

Predict scaling needs and use auto suggestions to unlock new capabilities

You focus and manage the growth while we scale your processes

Need based Scaling

No matter the size of the team Scale Up or Scale Down with ease

Drive the results faster as Prakya adjusts all the scaling efforts

Manage all your processes easily while Prakya auto scales you,

Empower teams with
Generative AI

Intelligent Team room with conversational suggestions and alerts

Generative AI for actionable team meetings

Understand data effectively with Generative AI integration.

Be Automatically
and Effortlessly Agile.

If you are wondering whether Agile is for you or not, it is time to take a leap of faith. Sign up for free with Prakya. All you have to do is to create a few user stories and know how to use Kanban workflow. We will do the rest and ensure you are doing Agile right.

Scaling Up?
Power Up your
Program Management!

Empower your Program Manager with the right set of tools that make the program management process invisible. Prakya has everything you need for managing programs and ensuring value delivery to customers regardless of an expanding work scope and team size

Large Team.
Huge Portfolio.
Many Stakeholders.

We got you covered. With SAFe Agile compliant portfolios, programs, solutions and a tool to map your business strategy to actual work you do, Prakya is the beast that manages your Agile process dungeons.

Did you know!

Prakya is being built using Prakya?

Make Prakya your single source of truth!

Prakya’s core philosophy embraces visibility and transparency! You can quickly track down issues and resolve them. This will give you the true power to turn out working software frequently and gain customer trust. Every sprint is increasingly productive. No more wasting time in doing work about work.

Our Top Features

  • Visual Agile Project Management
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Strategic Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Team Room
  • Release Management
  • Document Management
  • Resource Management
  • Multi-Organizational Support
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Built-in Messaging Tool
  • Connected Calendars
  • Built-in Diagramming Tool
  • External Tool Integrations
  • 100% Secure Platform
  • Whiteboard
  • Personas
  • TeamSense

Visual Agile Project Management

Strategic Planning

Connected Calendars

Resource Management

HD Video Conferencing

Built-in Messaging Tool





Document Management

Release Management

External Tool Integrations

Multi-Organizational Support

Vendors & Partners


100% Secure Platform

Built-in Diagramming Tool


Program management

Scaled Agile Framework

Team Room



Our Customers Says

Take a look at what our customers say about us and how Prakya helped their business.

Prakya has reinvented the wheel of project management. With their unique approach to transparency, mapping out your vision has never been easier, and managing your teams from a development perspective is truly unique. You are capable of seeing the progress as you focus on the next steps of your strategy, taking useful metrics to track progress, and better holding your team accountable. Your goals are tracked and visually seeing the progress saving you countless hours, saving your millions of dollars, and positioning your company for success. Without Prakya, you can become lost in the back and forth communication of your teams, especially with everyone pivoting to work from home. Prakya is the solution for accountability and transparency that we needed post-COVID-19.

– Good Green

Prakya is a perfect agile partner for Welkin. With their unified agile platform we can connect all the dots between our strategy and execution and ensure that we deliver exactly what we promise to our customers. With it’s portfolio and program management capabilities, visual orchestration, kanban workflows and collaboration suite, it’s truly an all in one agile platform.

– Welkin

To provide our customers with the best innovative and life-changing solutions, we at Raise Healthcare have adopted agile practices in our IT division. We have partnered with Prakya, A unified agile workplace to help us in this ongoing effort. While Prakya’s 3ee6ty, a visual orchestrator helps us to visually define and track our operational stream and business processes, the Strategy Board allows us to connect all the dots between strategy and execution. Their collaboration suite lets us focus on our work without needing to shift context.

– Raise Healthcare

Collaborate As ONE Team!

Help your teams to align and act powerfully as a single living organism!

True to it’s meaning Prakya embodies visibility at various levels. By sharing context sensitive information with different user personas, you can effortlessly help all teams across your organization to be on the same page.

Prakya empowers teams and improves organizational tactical efficiency.

Is your team tired of using multiple tools and the inefficiencies of complex integrations between them?

Prakya is committed to enable delivery of projects that have terrific customer value, frequently and flawlessly.

The heart of Prakya is visibility. With user personas and visual diagramming, you can bring in true accountability and experience the real value of collaboration.

We focus and deliver on your needs so that you can focus and deliver to your customer better and faster.