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Prakya: The Agile Solution
That Makes Every
Process a Walk in the Park

Prakya is Simple. Cool. Special. Effortless


• Effortless to Scale • Collaborative • User Friendly • Transparent

If you are on the lookout for an Agile solution that is user-friendly, effortless to scale, transparent and visible, collaborative, and customizable while also integrating with other tools, then Prakya is just the tool you need,This monster of a tool makes every Agile process look like a walk in the park.

We do the heavy lifting needed to make the process invisible to you. We do it so well that you won’t even know it’s there!

Managing Agile Teams and Projects is a breeze with Prakya!

Cross your limits. No more process. Only Work..

With a built-in, step-by-step approach that helps teams to focus on their work, Prakya enables small teams to realize their full potential and do more with less.
You can easily cross over the limits of:

  • Resource crunch
  • Resistance to change and
  • Integration with existing processes

Discover and realize the true benefits of Agile with Prakya

Reduce stress, Improve Creativity and take your team’s performance to a whole new level with specifically designed features built with Agile principles in mind.

  •  Productivity
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Self Direction
  • Scalable growth

Maximize Team Potential with Prakya: An Agile Solution Built for Teams.

Prakya is a tool designed to help you increase your productivity and succeed. You will be able to focus on team support and guidance, optimize processes, improve communication and collaboration, and succeed in reaching your goals.

Discover and realize the true benefits of Agile with Prakya

With Prakya, You can scale efficiently while managing agility and collaboration. Our built-in intelligence can identify when you are ready for scaling and suggest best ways to scale and grow. With Prakya’s auto scaling capabilities, you need not think twice about

  • Adding more team members, customers or stakeholders
  • Streamlining processes
  • Tackling bigger and more impactful initiatives

Why should you

Choose Prakya’s Team Room?

Because, Prakya empowers you to own your stories. You plan together and you act together.

Think of the team room as your own virtual working space, where you completely own what you do. You can:

  • Plan the deliverables within a given sprint.
  • Create and Assign user stories and subtasks
  • Use a KanBan workflow to signal progress
  • Access Sprint metrics and analytics
  • Receive suggestions and insights
    based on team performance
  • Handle sprint closure smoothly

Create. Move and Monitor
The Story of Team Room Kanban

Prakya has a super cool Team Room Kanban which allows the team to create user stories and move them to a specific state and monitor their progress. From highlighting all the user stories belonging to a particular feature to moving them in the Kanban board, everything is made super easy for you. Prakya does it all by itself by providing visibility at every stage. We mean, no extra monitoring required. Wink…wink.

With Prakya, Now the team can

  • Slice the features
  • Create user stories
  • Assign it to a sprint
  • Monitor the progress

In about a Sprint’s time,
Celebrate your Team’s Progress.
Deliver the right value

Help your teams to stay focused and make steady progress. Look at them enjoying moving towards their goals, delivering value to stakeholders on time. Monitor and Celebrate your team’s progress through Sprint Progress and Sprint Journey interfaces

Did you know!

Prakya is being built using Prakya?