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Scale Up Effortlessly with
Prakya : A Power Packed
Solution for Large Teams


• Streamline your Process • Scale Up Effortlessly • Invisible Process • Visible Results

Prakya streamlines the process of adapting to changing customer requirements for large teams, making the transition to an all-agile approach effortless. Unlike traditional methods that can be slow or complex Agile methods that can be overwhelming, Prakya simplifies the scaling process. Its exclusive features not only make using the tool much easier but also make the process invisible, ensuring a seamless experience for large teams


teams dont know what
other teams are doing.

That is why teams need to strugle
and be in alignment with each other.


loss in productive team
beacuse of work about work.

That is why teams need to do
extra work to create visibility.


hr /week / person is
wasted in finding information.

Multilple productivity tools
are killing productivity.

Managing Agile Teams and Projects is a breeze with Prakya!

Streamline Programs, Improve Productivity, and Uplift Team Morale with Prakya

Challenges that Teams Face

  • Unclear Requirements and Poor Team Collaboration
  • Inconsistent Methods and Slow Changes
  • Increased Pressure on Program Managers

Say Goodbye to Large-Size Team Challenges with Prakya : Tool Simple, Process Invisible.

  • Streamline processes to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Increase efficiency in Program Managers in overcoming challenges
  • Simplify your processes to improve team morale
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Get more clarity on requirements

Auto Scaling - An Exclusive Feature of Prakya

Prakya helps teams scale efficiently while maintaining agility and collaboration. Its built-in intelligence and interface auto suggest ways to expand the team and its capabilities. Whether you’re looking to bring on new members, streamline processes, or tackle bigger and more impactful initiatives, Prakya is the ultimate tool for teams ready to take their success to the next level

Monitor Progress and Drive
Success with Prakya’s
SAFe Portfolio Management

Prakya as a tool offers top-notch Portfolio Management, ensuring alignment between business strategy and initiatives. With Prakya, prioritize and deliver value through a portfolio of programs while managing budgets and resources. Monitor progress, allocate resources, and maximize value for your enterprise. Trust Prakya as your solution for SAFe Portfolio Management.

Drive Business Success through
Aligned Strategy with
Prakya’s Strategy Management

Prakya provides expert Portfolio Management in SAFe, ensuring business strategy aligns with initiatives. With Prakya, prioritize and deliver value through a portfolio of programs while managing budgets and resources effectively. The Strategy Board is crucial in SAFe, and Prakya works with stakeholders to set direction, prioritize initiatives, and optimize resource allocation for maximum value delivery.

Did you know!

Prakya is being built using Prakya?