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Prakya: Your Team’s
Secret Weapon for Effortless
Program Management


• Streamlined program management • Automated processes • Effortless visibility

Prakya is the perfect fit for mid-sized teams in need of streamlined program management. With a comprehensive toolkit and automated processes, Prakya makes it simple for teams to reach their goals. No more worrying about planning, collaborating, or monitoring progress

Prakya takes care of it all,right from handling the heavy lifting to streamlining the process for seamless program management.Trust Prakya, your team’s secret weapon,to help you scale your team and work scope with ease.

Managing Agile Teams and Projects is a breeze with Prakya!

Streamline Programs, Improve Productivity, and Uplift Team Morale with Prakya

Challenges that Teams Face

  • Unclear Requirements and Poor Team Collaboration
  • Inconsistent Methods and Slow Changes
  • Increased Pressure on Program Managers
  • Resistance to change and
  • Integration with existing processes

Say Goodbye to Mid-Size Team Challenges with Prakya : Tool Simple, Process Invisible.

  • Streamline processes to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Increase efficiency in Program Managers in overcoming challenges
  • Simplify your processes to improve team morale
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Get more clarity on requirements
  • Facilitate quick changes and consistency in methods

Auto Scaling - An Exclusive Feature of Prakya

Prakya helps teams scale efficiently while maintaining agility and collaboration. Its built-in intelligence and interface auto suggest ways to expand the team and its capabilities. Whether you’re looking to bring on new members, streamline processes, or tackle bigger and more impactful initiatives, Prakya is the ultimate tool for teams ready to take their success to the next level

Why should you

Choose Prakya’s Team Room?

Because, Prakya empowers you to own your stories. You plan together and you act together.

Think of the team room as your own virtual working space, where you completely own what you do. You can:

  • Plan the deliverables within a given sprint.
  • Create and Assign user stories and subtasks
  • Use a KanBan workflow to signal progress
  • Access Sprint metrics and analytics
  • Receive suggestions and insights
    based on team performance
  • Handle sprint closure smoothly

Scale Up and Improve.
Power Up and Collaborate.
Enhance value Delivery

Prakya simplifies program management by providing a complete set of tools to deliver value to customers. It automates the process and enables teams to collaborate and monitor progress. From planning to release, Prakya streamlines the program management process, making it more efficient and empowering program managers with the right tools

Be Quick and Be Effective.
Prakya delivers Valuable,
Usable and Feasible Solutions

Prakya is focused on delivering effective solutions to the customer, leveraging the Agile methodology. The solutions provided can be either internally developed by the development teams or an external tool that supports the customer. The Program and Solution Kanban systems help to visualize and ensure the smooth flow of features from idea to implementation.

Did you know!

Prakya is being built using Prakya?