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Collaborate As ONE Team!

True to its meaning Prakya embodies visibility at various levels. Help your teams to align and act powerfully as a single living organism!


Help your teams to align and act powerfully as a single living organism!

True to its meaning Prakya embodies visibility at various levels. By sharing context-sensitive information with different user personas, you can effortlessly help all teams across your organization to be on the same page. Our communication tools, collaborative enhancements, and AI-powered team management solutions, all work together to create visibility and allow your teams to powerfully act together as one single organism.

Help your management and business teams to sync perfectly with project execution teams With Prakya’s OKR tracking tools.

  • Setup and share Objectives and Key Results. Let your technical and business teams understand and align with each other effortlessly.
  • Allow your teams to view the link between business strategy, initiatives, solutions, projects and iterations.

Visualize your solutions and business process. Pictures are worth 1000 words, share the big picture with all your teams using Prakya’s 3ee6ty.

  • Link Epics and Features to specific diagram elements and automate visual progress tracking.
  • Allow your teams to see progress at a solution level with the capability to drill down to projects, features and stories where necessary.

Join the team room to quickly catch up and update on work progress, even when working remotely.

  • View the footprints to see who did what and quickly get on the same page.
  • Access Sprint Backlogs and metrics to visualize and understand progress saving the manual work and time to bring you uptodate.

Empower your teams to collaboratively solve problems!

Prakya espouses collaboration as a key ingredient for an agile organization’s success. As a result, we have built tools of collaboration that enable teams across your organization to seamlessly exchange ideas, deliver emotionally intelligent communication and create spontaneous personal and team conversations to maintain human touch even when working remotely.

Empower your teams to maintain their human touch Even when working remotely Using our HD video conferencing tool.

  • Allow your teams to schedule one to one or group meetings instantly with one click.
  • Auto transcribe meeting content, convert action points into tasks instantly and track time spent in meetings.

Help your teams to be more transparent and value each other’s time by sharing their schedules through our Calendar Tool.

  • Simplify the coordination required to have a meeting and save valuable time.
  • Maximize team participation in events and meetings by wisely spotting and requesting available time based on shared schedules.

Enable simple and smart exchange of ideas through and collaboration through Prakya’s Document Store.

  • Not only keep all your Team’s documents in one place but also Help your teams to remember the context of these shared documents.
  • Inspire the exchange of ideas and meaningful conversations across your teams.
  • Safely bid adieu to scattered and missing files as well as to emails.

Build teams that focus on execution!

Do it right, do it fast and do it again with Prakya’s finely chiseled tools that help you focus on execution at all times. Right from requirement capture, solution development, and team selection to release management, we have built everything you need to achieve excellence in execution. With Prakya, you will experience the real agile project management experience.

Fine-tune team performance across your organization through Prakya’s AI-powered Team Sense Feature.

  • Use actionable team intelligence to get suggestions of the best team fit for a project or iteration.
  • Spot unusual and potentially risky team behavior and alert the right people to make timely decisions.
  • Gain perfect control over your projects With the right interventions at the right time.

Perfectly orchestrate your releases and deliver exactly what you have promised to your customers with Prakya’s Release Management Tool.

  • Plan, track, verify, and release deliverables in a way that gains customer trust and stakeholder buy-in.
  • Smooth out your release management workflow whether it’s a simple single release or complex cross-project releases.

End the conflict between your team’s productivity and happiness. Build productive and happy teams with Prakya’s AI-powered Resource Management Tool.

  • Understand resource behavioral patterns with resource profile.
  • Track resource utilization to minimize under-utilization, overload, and burnout.

Bring in a collaborative culture based on trust, mutual respect and support

Self-direction is at the heart of agile teams. With Prakya’s tool kit your teams can now begin to see the same picture, put people in front of processes, respect each other’s contribution and support the project and the organization to win.

Let your teams experience the power of win-win by creating visibility at various layers and levels.

  • Share everything from the organization’s OKRs to individual schedules and help your teams to understand and align with each other better.
  • Allow your team members to share ideas freely, communicate productively and solve problems collaboratively.

Gain smart insights into individual profiles as well as team behavior and allow your leaders to intervene at the right time.

  • Allow your team members to share ideas freely, communicate productively and solve problems collaboratively.
  • Give them their best shot to win at the game your organization is playing.

Put an end to the conflict between productivity and happiness.

  • Your teams can now not only track resource utilization but also use Prakya’s AI-powered suggestive resource insights to avoid overload and burnout.
  • Enable your teams to align themselves by selecting the best-fit candidates to achieve both projects as well as organizational goals.