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Prakya provides easy-to-use integrations with other leading external work management, document management and video conferencing platforms.

  1. Seamlessly migrate your project work from JIRA, with our JIRA integration.
    1. Select the ‘Admin’ option at the bottom left of any screen.
    2. Select ‘Integrations’.
    3. Select ‘JIRA Migration’.
    4. Follow the simple steps to migrate your JIRA project work into Prakya.
  2. Fully embed your own Zoom Video Conferencing account into Prakya’s video conferencing capabilities.
    1. Select the ‘Admin’ option at the bottom left of any screen.
    2. Select ‘Integrations’.
    3. Select ‘Integrate your Zoom account’.
    4. Follow the simple steps to complete the integration.
    5. The ‘Video Conferencing’ icon originally used to start Prakya Video Calls, will now automatically open up your Zoom account/calls instead.
  3. Allow your team(s) access to their Google Docs accounts directly within Prakya’s user interface.
    1. Select the ‘Admin’ option at the bottom left of any screen.
    2. Select ‘Integrations’.
    3. Select ‘Google Docs’.
    4. Follow the simple steps to integrate your team(s) Google Docs files within Prakya.

Jira Migration

Prakya provides the ability to import projects from Jira. Navigate to the Jira Migration page under Setup. The importing of projects from Jira can be carried out only by the organization’s Jira administrators. The migration follows a SAFe approach. Any Jira issue that does not adhere to this standard is either moved under a parent epic or is not migrated. Following are the steps to migrate a Jira project to Prakya.

Following are steps to import a project from Jira and migrate to Prakya.

  1. The Jira administrator will have to provide the credentials for authorization purpose along with the project key. The Jira Api host, Authorization token and Project key will have to be entered.

  2. The Jira Workflow state has to be mapped to an appropriate Prakya Workflow state. The states are assigned to the Epic, Features, Stories and Bugs.

  3. Jira issues (Epic, Feature, Story, Bug) are assigned to users. When importing a project from Jira for a given organization, these users also have to be created in Prakya. These users will have to be invited to Prakya by providing their email addresses.

  4. Clicking on Next will initiate the migration process which will take a few moments. Upon navigating back to the Jira Migration page, we can see the report for the migration.

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