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With 3ee6ty, users can pen down system designs, architectures, process workflows, cross system communication to name a few. This provides a virtual visualization of the architectural designs for systems. This will aid better communication and understanding of the architecture of the organization’s systems.

  1. Click on the ‘Epic’ option on the left hand side menu. Select the appropriate epic.
  2. Once the Epic window is opened, navigate to the ‘Architecture’ tab.

  3. To add a new architecture diagram click on ‘Add System Architecture’ and save it.

  4. Now we can add architecture diagrams in the 3EE6TY window. The user has options to choose various shapes, set the diagram preferences.

  5. We can also import diagrams from 3rd Party applications. Currently we support

  6. Once the design is ready we can finalize it by publishing it to production. CLick on the cloud icon on the top bar of the 3EE6TY window.

  7. To depict sub level components, drill down by clicking on the ‘+’ icon the component
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