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Calendar Syncing

Meetings can be scheduled using an in-house calendar. The meetings can be scheduled between team members, individuals within the organization and guests as well. Prakya also supports the ability to sync personal calendars with the in-house calendar.

Create meeting

  1. Click on the calendar icon at the top most bar.

  2. This will open the calendar window. It can display a daily, weekly and monthly view. By default, a weekly view is set.
  3. Select a cell where you would like to set up a meeting. This will open the meetings window

  4. Fill in the details, add the invitees to the meeting. Guests too can be invited. Once completed click Save.

  5. This newly created meeting will be displayed as an entry in the calendar.

Sync Calendar

Prakya provides the support to sync personal calendars with the in-house calendar. The user has to sign-in to his/her account through Prakya. This account will then be used to sync calendar events. Currently, we support Google accounts.

  1. Click on the calendar icon at the top most bar.
  2. Click on the setting icon that appears on top of the calendar window.

  3. By default, your Prakya account is selected. Click on ‘Add Calendar Account’ link to add a new account

  4. Click on the account provider from the options listed in the window. This will take you to the provider’s sign-in page.
  5. Sign-in with your account credentials. This will successfully add the account in Prakya.

  6. The calendar will now show entries that are synced from the linked account.

Account Selection

Once a new account has been added, we can choose it to set up any meetings. When creating a new meeting, select the account, add the users and save it.

  1. ‘Available’ indicates that an individual is free to join at the selected time.
  2. ‘Busy’ indicates that a user is not available to join the meeting at the selected time.

Sharing Calendar Availability

Users can also share calendar availability with other users or guests. This allows others to set up meetings based on the availability.

  1. Click on the Setting icon on the right hand corner of the Calendar window.

  2. Click on the copy icon. This will copy a link to the users calendar availability. This can be shared with other users or guests.

  3. When this link is pasted on the browser, it will open a calendar view and display the availability of the user. The cells marked ‘busy’ indicate the user is busy at that time.

  4. Available times are unmarked and can be used to set up the meeting.

  5. A confirmation box appears indicating the meeting has been scheduled successfully.

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