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What makes Features an important factor of Prakya?

Prakya is a strong, yet flexible and simple agile work management platform that is built on the basis of Agile principles. Every component of it is built after giving a thorough thought to how it enhances and furthers agile philosophy. This makes Prakya stand out from other products that don’t use Features as a part of their agile work management process. 

As said previously, Features layer between Portfolio Epics and User Stories. They are positioned that way, to give a scalable management framework to our users. With this our users can manage to build products of any scale. Also, by thinking in terms of features, users are forced to think about value delivery to customers which makes this process more customer driven.

In Prakya, Features have three dimensions of visibility, which make them central to Prakya’s functioning. 

  • To the teams, Features are visible as part of an Epic through the Kanban and the Tree view, which they are expected to deliver on. 
  • To the Program Managers, they are a part of a Program Increment and must be delivered within the increment. They are visible in the Program Backlog and Kanban Board and allow them to manage the releases accurately.
  • To the Solution Architect, they are a part of the solution and add value to the solution they are building. When a feature is attached to a component via 3EE6TY, the Solution Architect and his team can view progress visually and drill down to details where necessary.
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