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Features: What does it mean in Agile Framework?

A Feature in general means a significant noticeable factor. It is a very important functionality which layers between a Portfolio Epic and a User Story.A portfolio epic is an initiative that largely impacts the business. It requires multiple Solution trains in order to deliver a Solution.  Portfolio epics must exceed the Portfolio Epic Threshold level in order to create an impact on the business initiative at the Portfolio level. They then flow through the Portfolio Kanban system and are added to the funnel to start its journey. 

A Feature is formed by breaking down a Portfolio epic and then, further breaking down of the feature will lead to forming of User Stores.

Features, when delivered will drive significant results in the Product Management process. The design complexity of a Feature depends on the product and can be managed by single or multiple persons depending on its size. Thus, Features are sizable.

Like Portfolio Epics, Features can span across sprints, but should be released in a lesser time, say, in  maximum of 2 to 3 months. In the case where a Feature cannot fit in a couple of sprints, the Product Management team should  consider if what they are considering can be expanded into an Epic or further break them down and form two instead of one feature.

Figure indicating the agile development process

Figure-1: Agile Development Process

Importance: Why do we need Features?

A Large task when broken down can easily be managed as it’s sizable and measurable. Prakya is a product built with the principles of Agile. We believe in frequent deliveries which originate from the Agile Release Train. In Prakya, Features are used as a single unit that describe the functionality of a large task. They provide services that fulfill the needs of stakeholders throughout the Agile Release Train. Prakya maintains these Features in the Program Backlog which is delivered through Program Increments (PIs). This enables frequent deliveries to the users that are usable and in the process adds measurable value to customers. 


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