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Prakya’s heavy lifting behind the scenes

We know that,  Portfolio Epics are sliced into Features and Features in turn are divided into User stories. Team Room Kanban reflects the flow of the User story from the ‘Team Backlog’ to ‘Sprint Backlog’ through ‘Accepted’ Stages. While this happens in Team Room, the associated Feature also undergoes changes in the background. These changes in Prakya’s tool are automatic which is one of the highlight’s. 

Updates to the Program Kanban

  1. A Feature when assigned to a Program goes to a ‘Program Backlog’
  2. Feature is then planned to a Program Increment and so, is moved to the ‘Planning ’ stage in Program Kanban. 
  3. User Stories that are created under the Feature are now added to the Team Backlog in Team Room Kanban.
  4. The stories are added to the Sprint Backlog in Team Room Kanban. Automatically the Feature is moved to ‘Implementing-In Progress’ in the Program Kanban
  5. A Feature might have ‘n’ number of User stories. Each story might be under a different stage in Team Room Kanban. But once any story is  moved to the sprint Backlog, its associated Feature moves to the ‘Implementing-In Progress’ in the Program Kanban
  6. When user stories are deployed, we might deploy all the user stories of Feature at one release or can choose to have multiple releases. Depending on this the Feature in Program Kanban might move to the ‘Partially Deployed’ or to the ‘ Deployed’ state.
  7. The Feature will then be dragged to ‘Done’ state from the ‘Deployed’ state.

Updates to the Epic Workflow

  1. The Epic will remain under the ‘Implementing-MVP’ stage in Portfolio unless all the Features associated are not deployed. 
  2. Once the user stories are added to the Release Bundle the Feature is deployed, The Epic in the Portfolio Kanban will move to the ‘Persevere’ state. 
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