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How to add a User Story in Prakya

Prakya provides two options to add a user story and associate it with Features. To add a user story to a Feature there are different options

  1. A quick option to add a user story by using QuickAdd icon
  2. Through the Features Table
  3. From the Team room’s Kanban Board. 

Adding User Story using Quick Add icon

Step 1: Click on the Quick Add icon to quickly add a user story from the dashboard    

Screenshot -1: Using Quick Add Icon


Step 2: After clicking Quick Add icon, choose ‘New Story’ option from the drop down list 

Screenshot -2: Adding New Story using Quick Add Icon

Step 3:  After choosing the New Story option, a pop up screen will appear to enter the details of the User story.

Screenshot -3: Enter User Story details

Step 4: Selecting whether the story is of type ‘Userstory’, ‘Techdebt’, ‘Spike’ or ‘Enabler’.

Step 5: Enter the rest of the details. See Screenshot – 3 for guidance on filling.

Step 6: Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the Story. Clicking the ‘Cancel’ button would discard all the changes and the story won’t be created.

Adding User Story using Features Table

The other way to add a user story is by using the Features Tab of Epic Details View

Step 1: Click on to the Features tab under the given Epic

Screenshot -4: View of Features table from Epics


Step 2: A list of Features will appear on clicking the Features tab. Choose the collapsible button ‘►’ besides features.

Screenshot -5: Find Collapsible button  for Features

Step 3: On clicking the Collapsible button, the feature table will expand and an option to add the user story can be seen.

Screenshot -6: Expanded view of Features table

Step 4: Upon clicking the Add ‘+’ button beside the User stories tab, a pop up screen to add the user story that is to be associated with the feature will appear. 

Screenshot -7: Enter User Story details

Step 5: Enter the user story details 

Step 6: Click on the ‘Save’ button after entering the details. Clicking on the Cancel button will discard all the changes made.

Step 7: The added stories of a feature will appear in the expanded view of the table.

Screenshot -8: Expanded view of User story List under Features

Refer to screenshot-9 to see how the user story table looks  

Screenshot -9: User story Table View

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