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Program Kanban

Program Kanban helps to track the progress of a feature and its status.. Features have to be assigned to the program sprints. There are several phases that features go through and these can be integrated with the help of Program Kanban. 

To access Program Kanban of Prakya, 

Step 1: Click on Programs on the left hand side menu of the dashboard. Choose the appropriate program to view the Kanban flow.

Step 2: A view the Kanban flow, click on ‘Kanban’ option as shown below

Screenshot 29: Click on Kanban

Step 3: Clicking on the Kanban will navigate to a window with ‘Program Kanban’

Screenshot 30: Program Kanban View

The below section will explain the several phases of Program Kanban as you read below.

How to add Features to the idea Funnel

A  feature when it’s just an idea and yet to be analyzed would be added  into the  Funnel. Funnel basically captures new ideas of business or technology. 

Screenshot 31: Idea Funnel

How to add Features to the Analyzing Phase

Features that need to be analyzed are in this phase. Initially, any new feature needs to be analyzed in order to find out details that are needed for implementation.

Screenshot 32: Features Analyzing Phase

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