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Program Increments in Prakya

Adding a Program Increment 

Step 1: To add a Program Increment, choose the ‘Programs’ option from the left side menu bar in the dashboard.

Step 2: Select the Program from the Program list to which Program Increment needs to be added

Step 3: A Program window with a list of options will appear towards the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Program Increment’ option from the list.

Step 5: A screen with added Program Increments will be displayed if they are added previously.

Step 6: To add a new Program Increment, click on the add button as shown in the below screenshot 17(a) .

Screenshot 17(a): Add Program Increment

Step 7: Program Increment will automatically be added to the Program

Screenshot 17(b): Add Program Increment

Starting a Program Increment 

Step 1: To start the Program Increment, click on the sandwich menu towards the right. An option to Start the increment will appear. 

Step 2: Click on the ‘Start’ button to start the increment.

 Screenshot 18: Start Program Increment

Step 3: A pop up message will appear to add sprints once the Program Increment is started. 

 Screenshot 19: Pop up Message to Start PI

Step 4: On clicking ‘Yes’ the Program Increment will be Started

Closing a Program Increment

In order to close the Program increment, the status should be in-progress. To close the Program Increment follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click on the Sandwich menu, as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 2: Choose the option ‘close PI’ to close the Program Increment.

 Screenshot 20: Close Program Increment

Deleting a Program Increment

Step 1: To delete a Program Increment that has been created, Hover on the increment and click on the delete button besides it. Refer to the screenshot below:

 Screenshot 21(a): Delete  Program Increment

Step 2: A Popup message for confirmation will be displayed

 Screenshot 21(b): Delete  Program Increment

Step 3: Click on the ‘Yes’ button to delete or ‘cancel’ to revert back


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