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How to add Features to Roadmap Items of Strategy Board

Features that are in the backlog can be linked to the Road map item. Prakya’s Program Planning provides an option to click and drag the backlog feature and add it to the road map item of Strategy Board. 

By linking features to the roadmap Prakya will capture the progress of the feature and also will indicate the feature’s progress of the initiative and objective. 

To add the Features to the Roadmap items of Strategy board in Program Planning

Step 1: Click and drag the Features in the backlog onto the “Map To Initiatives” lane. 

Screenshot 39: Click and Drag Backlog Feature to Road map

Step 2: Place the feature onto the Roadmap by choosing estimated starting and ending dates.

Step 3: This adds the Features to the Roadmap item of the strategy board.

Step 4: The progress of a feature can be checked from the progress bar provided below each feature initiative.

Step 5: Green color in the progress bar indicates the amount of progress that is made.

Screenshot 40: Road Map View

Freezing the Plan

Once the Features are prioritized and added to the planning board, they are not to be manipulated any more by any one.. This is called “Freezing the Plan”. However, a Program manager can unfreeze the board and make the changes if required. 

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