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Agile Program Management

Program Management

The term Program management is commonly used to describe the management of multiple interrelated projects that have goals, requirements and outcomes that intersect with each other.

Agile Program Management

“Agile Program Management is a way to manage, plan and coordinate work that is interrelated in such a way that it prioritizes the delivery of value of teams, stakeholders and Organizations.”

Agile Program management is an approach that is developed to meet needs of the stakeholders, understand the needs of the organization even through its changing phase and also the challenges and the changes that the teams face.

Agile Program Management implementation includes the following phases:

  1. Control operations of the program, and set up the metrics
  2. Align the program with the goals of the organization
  3. Validate and verify the program with the vision of the Organization
  4. Review the projects, stakeholders and team’s status regularly
  5. Aggregate all the pieces of work and optimize the Program’s performance
  6. Observe the cost being managed
  7. Plan and integrate the information and available resources
  8. Assess the performance continuously
  9. Develop new features to improve the program 
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