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Smartly sense and respond to your team’s arising and evolving needs.

Clear your headspace by letting Prakya’s AI capture team intelligence. Team Sense can observe usual team behavior and sense disruptions. Get alerted to risky behavior and intervene at the right time to gain perfect control of your project goals.


Say goodbye to last minute interventions!

No more surprises or fire fighting or blame game. Just plain and simple agility.

Never lose momentum

Stop worrying about when your teams would land in trouble. Get alerted to possible disruptions. Intervene quickly and help your teams to be on track.

Manage Exceptions not routines

Spot exceptions. Alert relevant people and smoothly involve your teams to reorient and stay on course. Build unwavering trust with your stakeholders.

Focus on doing the right things

Pay attention to what matters and devote your creative energy to do the right things than on doing things right. Empower people to manage the process.

Improve success rates

Smart insights & alerts powered by AI allow you to respond quickly to perceived risks, take timely action and ensure project success.