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Getting your team on the same page has just become simpler and easier.

Visit the team room to plan, share progress and collaborate to deliver results. Save time  spent in bringing people up to date. Recognize team members’ contribution And record lessons learnt from each iteration.


Plan. Execute. Have fun. repeat!

Enjoy collaboration and be a part of a Value-driven team.

Never forget lessons learnt.

Conduct retrospectives and record lessons learnt for each iteration. Help your teams to build on the learning from their experience.

Spend less time in getting updated.

Prakya auto-updates the footprints Section to let you see who did what and save man-hours spent in bringing the team up to date.

Track your team progress.

The metrics section gives snapshots of sprint progress and various tracking metrics to let you know how you are teams are performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, which you can not find here, please reach out to us.

What are agile retrospectives?

Agile retrospective is a meeting ritual that’s performed at the end of iteration to improve the effectiveness and re adjusts its behavior accordingly. It’s to analyze the way teams work where teams stop and retrospect their way of working. Teams will find ways to improve their performance and increase their efficiency. It’s a great team activity where the current working environment is analyzed and improved.