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Keep your team aligned on strategy, key results and initiatives!

Your team’s commitment to deliver customer value will never be in conflict with your company’s strategy! With our OKR Tool, you can align the strategy with the projects and make your teams see why they are doing whatever they are doing!


Focus. Align. Commit. Track. Stretch

Deliver customer value and business results without conflict!

Achieve synergy

Build team alignment confidence and trust by making your teams see why they are doing what they are doing and where they are headed.

Stay focused on all results

Never get side tracked from your strategy even while handling intense day to day operations! Review & Track your OKRs, projects and tasks.

Let your teams see their worth

Link your strategy to initiatives and let your team see the big picture. Empower your teams to be truly self directed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, which you can not find here, please reach out to us.

What are objectives and key results

OKRs or “Objectives and Key results” is a goal setting methodology whose framework will help in setting the goals in order to achieve a desired objective.

Key result is the metric to measure the progress towards the objective. For example, if the objective is to market your brand then the key result might be the number of sales you made in the quarter. Key results can be qualitative or quantitative such as number of visitors to the website or a customer feedback or number of  polls

In simple terms, the objective is measured by the key result. 

How are objectives and key results (okrs) used in safe

Defining, linking and leveraging OKRs at every level by using them in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) increases the growth of the organizational coherence. OKRs are useful at a portfolio level to describe the strategic themes which contribute towards the desired outcome and help in decision making. OKRs at every level will assist in setting the vision and contribute to the defined objectives.

How to write objectives and key results?

An objective is an expression that defines your goal with a simple description of “what” is to be achieved. The objective should be action oriented, ambitious and concrete. At the end of a time frame, the result of the objective is tested.

Key results measure the outcome of the objective and must be defined correctly. They must be time-bound, realistic and measurable.  

Though there is no measure to set the number of objectives,setting not more than ten objectives with one supporting key result is a good  practice.Its a good practice to set the OKRs not only at the company level but also at the team level.

What is okr framework

It’s a popular framework in goal setting and management that helps to strategize the management objectives. Each component of the OK framework helps in successful implementation of the process.

The OKR framework has an OKR cycle which consists of components such as OKR planning where the objectives and key results are defined for the entire cycle at all the levels. The OKR weekly component will help in synchronizing the objectives and key results and provides the overall status .The OKR review component evaluates the degree of achievement.  The OKR Retrospective component will help the team in learning the defects and improving.