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Give the power of time to your ambitions, strategy and goals

Relentless yet effortless forward movement is the only superpower of Time. Give this power to all your projects by letting Prakya remember and tell you what and when to do while you use your brain power to focus on your why and how.


Build a team culture that values time!

Stay organized. Coordinate better with your teams.

Make your team's time visible

Bring visibility to your teams availability with our calendar tool. Make coordination and collaboration simple and effortless for your teams.

Easily find your team's common time

Help your teams to easily spot and book time slots where all relevant members are available. Ensure your teams are always on the same page

Use your brain power where it matters.

With Prakya’s calendars, your teams can focus on the how and why of a project execution while we lift the load of the when and what!

Don't sweat to remember things

Let Prakya remember and remind you of important events, commitments and promises. Build trust with all stakeholders by keeping your word.