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Keep your information safe, communications secure and your businesses protected.

You will never find us wanting when it comes to security. From reliable data back ups to ensure business continuity to SSL based encryption and Stripe powered PCI compliant servers we have it all covered in our tight security policy.


Industry standard security and safety!

Safe, Secure and Reliable! Just like you are for your customers!

Data Protection

We save your data on reliable servers on AWS. We take care the there’s enough redundancy in the system to outweigh the possibility of failure.

Application Security

Your passwords are one way encrypted using bcrypt and are filtered from all our logs. Login information is always sent over SSL.

Data Storage

Data produced while using Prakya is stored on AWS in AuroraDB. Our incremental and encrypted backups to Amazon S3 offers 99.99% data durability.

Employee Access

Our employees will never see your data. Data access without your consent is only during a catastrophic event causing system level outage.

Secure Transmission

We use SSL encryption to secure all our data transmissions, the same as used by banks. We leave no room for errors or insecure transmissions.

Credit Card Safety

Stripe, a company that stores your sensitive data on PCI Compliant servers handles all credit card information. Prakya never even gets to see it.