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Track Feature Progress

It is possible to track what phase a feature is in i.e is the feature still being analyzed, has it been selected for development work or is the work on the feature complete. With the help of ‘Program Kanban’ we can get to know the status of the feature. Features have to be assigned to the program sprints. This kanban view has the following phases


This phase indicates that a feature is being analyzed. Any new feature first needs to be analyzed to find out details that are needed for implementation.

Program Backlog

If a story is moved from ‘Analyzing’ to ‘Backlog’ phase, the feature is automatically moved to the ‘PROGRAM BACKLOG’ phase. This phase indicates that stories belonging to this feature have been selected for development purposes.

Implementing In Progress

When a story belonging to a feature is moved to ‘Mvp’ phase, the feature is automatically moved to ‘In Progress’ lane. This indicates that the feature has stories which are currently being worked on.

Implementing Partially Deployed

Sometimes it may so happen that all stories belonging to a feature might not be deployed together but in phases. The ‘Partially Deployed’ lane indicates this for a feature. There can be pending or new assignments linked to this feature.

Implementing Deployed

When a feature has been completed and deployed, it will be added to this lane. No further work is expected on this feature.

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