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Release Bundles and Deployments

In order to push application changes to production, we need to have ‘Release Bundles’ and ‘Deployment’ tickets. The following section lays out the steps needed to push completed changes to production.

  1. Click on the ‘Release’ icon in the program box. This will open the ‘Release Board’.
  2. The Bundles window displays all the bundles that have been created from the ‘Team Room’.
  3. Bundles contain a list of completed stories, bugs that are being pushed as changes. If there is no bundle present, create one from ‘Team Room’.
  4. Click on ‘New Deployment’ to create a new deployment ticket. Fill in the necessary details and save it.
  5. Once a deployment ticket is created, its current state can be reflected by toggling the options under the ‘STATUS’ menu.
  6. Click on the ‘>’ icon to expand the created deployment ticket.
  7. Associate the deployment with a release bundle. Drag the release bundle from the Bundle window on to the ‘Bundles To Deploy’ section which can be found by expanding the created deployment ticket.
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