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Release Bundles

Release bundles are containers that are created to document the list of items which are completed and ready to be deployed in production. Items that are under ‘Implementation Ready’ lane can be considered to be added into the release bundles. Release bundles are tied to deployment tickets. Deployment tickets are present under Program Releases for a given program. The following section helps navigate through release bundles


Add Release Bundle

  1. Click on the ‘+’ icon under the ‘INTEGRATE AND TEST’ lane.
  2. Fill in the details and select the Items that will be pushed/shipped as part of this bundle. By default, the status of the bundle is ‘In-planning’.
  3. Once completed, save the form. This will add a new bundle under ‘INTEGRATE AND TEST’.
  4. The status of this bundle can be changed depending on its current state. If the state is changed to ‘build-accepted’, the bundle will be moved across to the ‘ACCEPTED’ lane.
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