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The Team Room provides lanes to indicate the different phases associated with a story or bug. Items can be dragged and dropped across lanes depending on their current status. These items will then be associated with program increments and sprints. The top most bar in the Team Room allows the user to select the Team, Program, Program Increment and the Program Sprint. These phases are explained below

Team Backlog

All the stories and bugs created will be listed under this lane. It indicates that the items falling in this lane have been chosen for development/ implementation.  These items can be dragged across only to the ‘Sprint Backlog’ lane to associate them with the current selected sprint.

Sprint Backlog

Items falling under this lane are assigned to a selected sprint. These items are prioritized over items under ‘Team Backlog’. Stories which are assigned from the ‘Program Board’ will directly appear under this lane.


Stories and bugs under this lane indicate that they are currently being analyzed and actual work/ implementation has not yet started. Once the analysis is completed, the story or bug can be moved to the ‘Ready’ lane.


Post completion of analysis, stories and bugs can be dropped into the Review lane to decide if they can be taken forward to the implementation stage.


Stories and bugs falling under this lane indicate that work is currently in progress. Once the work is completed, the story or bug can be moved to the ‘Ready’ lane.

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