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The Team Room Kanban Workflow

Selecting and Adding User Stories from Team Backlog to Sprint Backlog

The User stories that appear in the Team Backlog are prioritized at the time of their creation. The stories can be selected and dragged from the Team backlog to the Sprint Backlog. To select the User story from the Team Backlog to Sprint Backlog, click on the user story as shown below:

Screenshot-7: Drag and Drop user story to the Sprint Backlog

User Story Journey

Once the user story is added to the sprint backlog, the user story begins its journey there after. For example, if a story is added to the sprint backlog on 28-10-2021, then it’s considered that the user story is under development from that moment onwards.

Depending on the number of story points allotted, the user story either completes its journey or spills over to the next sprint of the program increment.

In this process, the user story which is in the sprint backlog travels through many different stages from ‘Analyze’ through ‘Accepted’.


This stage displays those stories that are currently being analyzed before they are implemented. In order to get the user story to the Analyze stage, click and drop the story from the sprint backlog to the Analyze lane. This stage consists of two sub lanes:

Step 1: In Progress lane – This lane consists of all the stories that are under analysis and are not ready yet

Step 2: Ready lane –  Consists of those stories that are done with the analysis and ready for Review

Screenshot-8: Analyze stage of Team Room Kanban


Post completion of analysis, user stories are dragged and dropped into the Review lane from the Analyze lane to decide if they can be taken forward to the implementation stage.

Screenshot-9: Review Stage of Team Room Kanban


This stage displays the stories that are under implementation. To get the user story to the implementation stage, drag and drop the story from the Review lane to the implementation lane. This stage consists of two sub lanes

Step 1: In Progress lane 

The stories that are in progress and under implementation are displayed in this lane

Step 2: Ready lane

The stories that are implemented and are ready to move to the next stage to be tested and integrated appear in this lane. 

Screenshot-10: Implementation Stage of Team Room Kanban

Integrate and Test

This lane indicates the stage to integrate and test the user story. We can integrate or add  all the user stories of a feature that are ‘Implementation Ready’ under a single release bundle or different release bundles. Release bundles are tied to deployment tickets. Deployment tickets are present under Program Releases for a given program. The steps below need to be followed to create a Release Bundle.

Step 1: Click on the ‘+’ icon that is under the ‘Integrate and Test” tab in  Team Room Kanban

Screenshot-11: Integrate and Test Stage

Step 2: Fill in the details and select the Items that will be pushed/shipped as part of this bundle. By default, the status of the bundle is ‘In-planning’

Screenshot-12(a): Create New Release Bundle


Screenshot-12(b): Create New Release Bundle

Step 3: Once the form is filled, The Release bundle will have a nomenclature and this will be added under the ‘Integrate and Test’ Lane

Step 4: The Release Bundle can be seen under Program.

Step 5: To Navigate to the Release Bundle, click on ‘Releases’ tab under Program

Screenshot-13: Releases under Program

Step 6: The status of the bundle keeps changing depending on the status as shown below

Screenshot-14: Release Bundle

Step 7: Once the bundle is changed to ‘Closed’ state, the bundle in Team Room  will move from ‘Integrate and Test’  to ‘Accepted’ state

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