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How to Move User Stories From Program Backlog to Team Backlog

To move a user story from program backlog to Team backlog, it is necessary to first assign a feature to a program. Mere creation of a Feature does not automatically reflect in the team backlog, unless it is assigned to a program. All the user stories created under that particular feature will then be reflected in the team backlog. Respective Feature will then be automatically added to the program backlog. 

To get clarity, observe the following Screenshot-1. The feature that is labeled FTR-210 is in the Program backlog as it is assigned to some program. 

Screenshot-1: Feature in Program Backlog

The User stories of the above Feature labeled FTR-210 will be added to the team backlog This can be observed in the following Screenshot-2

Screenshot-2: User story in Team Backlog

 To observe if the user story STORY-1413 belong to the feature labeled FTR-210 refer to the screenshot-3 below.

Screenshot-3: User story listed under the Feature

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