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Agile Teams: In Prakya

In general, A team means a group of people who accomplish a specific objective. A team might be of developers, testers, architects or business analysts. The ability of any organization depends on the way different teams deliver the high quality solutions that meet customer’s requirements.

We at  Prakya, extensively follow SAFe Agile methodology which believes that, its the team which forms the backbone of the Agile methodology process.

The Agile team consists of a cross functional group of individuals who can define, build, test and deploy a product deliverable within a Program increment. These self directed teams at Prakya, are authorized and are accountable to manage their individual work. This ‘individual freedom’ drives the teams to produce and release a deliverable within a short span of time.

Small units of work are managed and solutions are delivered in a short period of time. If a User story delivers a solution within a few story points.Then its aggregate Feature delivers a solution within a program increment. During this process, the agile team can collect the feedback from the stakeholders and take corrective measures. 


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