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Layout of the strategy board

Here’s an annotated picture gives a clear idea about the layout of the strategy board. It outlines where is what on the strategy board. Right on top is the strategy creation and editing layer. Below that is the Time frame reference which can be used to see how the strategy, Initiatives and roadmap items spread out over time. You can easily see that the strategy board layout follows the hierarchical structure shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Layout of the Strategy Board

Just below the Time frame reference is the Objectives section. Each objective can be expanded/collapsed to show/hide the various initiatives and the progress of these initiatives. Below that is the Initiatives section. Each initiative item can expand to show case roadmap items within the scope of that initiative.

Since Strategy, Objectives, Initiatives and Roadmaps are nested in a hierarchy, you can drill down to the roadmaps and even epics and features if you’ve linked them. Thus, you can have a 50,000 feet overview and move down to say 20,000 feet detail, when you want to!

Cool, isn’t it?

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