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Calendar Syncing

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your meetings in one place along with the project management capabilities to help you plan better and schedule meetings. Prakya provides this unique ability to 

  1. Sync one’s personal calendars and events which are in real time and bi-directional.
  2. Create and update meetings with team members
  3. Invite guests to meetings which is useful in instances where meetings are scheduled with individuals external to the organization.
  4. Find out invitees availability at any selected meeting time. This allows the host to ensure that any important recipients are not missed and meetings can be rescheduled at an appropriate time. This is applicable for users within an organization.
  5. Add events to invitees calendars without any action required from them.
  6. Share one’s calendar availability with others. This is useful to schedule meetings with individuals external to the organization.
  7. Currently Google is supported as the only calendar provider.
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