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Epic vs Feature vs Stories


Organization objectives/initiatives are broken down into workable items called Epics. Projects in the true agile sense are referred to as Epics. An organization can have multiple epics contributing to different aspects of the business. Epics involve resources like teams, time and iterations. Epics usually have a long duration of time to carry out work and it is iterative. If an epic has reached its end of life cycle, it is archived. They embody a large quantity of work .


Epics include coherent and relatable work items that contribute towards fulfilling its purpose. These items are referred to as features. Features ensure that there is a progressive and continuous development effort and delivery of results that benefit end users. Features can be assigned to sprint. At any given point in time, features have a definite state i.e start-work, in-progress and done.


Features are broken down into manageable pieces of work called stories. A scope of feature is unknown at the define it is defined i.e it may be small or complex requiring a lot of time and effort. Stories help in defining the stepping stones to complete the feature. The effort on a story is measured by the amount of time spent on it.

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