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Moving a Feature to a different Epic

A Feature can also be moved to any other Epic under the  portfolio. This is a useful feature when you create a feature by mistake in an Epic other than the intended one. This error may occur when you are adding a feature using the Quick Add button as discussed in a previous section, and you mistakenly choose the wrong Epic to which this feature belongs to.

Screenshot 10: Move Feature Dialog

To move a feature:

  1. Hover over it in the Epic Details View to display the context menu and select the move feature option.
  2. This brings up the Move Feature Dialog as shown in Screenshot 9 in the previous section. Use the search box to find the Epic to which you want to move this feature.
  3. Click on the Epic to select it.
  4. Click on the Move button to move the feature to the Epic. 
  5. Click on the Cancel button to discard the move effort.
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