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Hello! We are Prakya

Prakya means visibility and that’s what we do best.

Derived from Sanskrit, Prakya, both by its name and repertoire of workplace collaboration tools is proving to be the best collaboration software for diverse teams.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make teams productive by bringing 360-degree visibility across the entire organization.


Values to live by

Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for.

Our Belief

Be a giver. We, at Prakya, believe that people come first and when they are well-informed, teams are happy, productive, aligned, and can build great products and services. Enterprise collaboration solutions by Prakya develops trust and alignment within the teams with the goal of managing projects end-end in the organization.

Key Value Proposition

Prakya stands for visibility and vice-versa. Our key value proposition at Prakya is visibility that helps bring the entire teamwork and collaboration to align and bring success to the shared goals. We strongly believe the top-down & bottom-up alignment is key to achieve the organizational objectives and success.

Our philosophy

Each team member should have access to the same set of information to foster real time collaboration unless the information is extremely confidential. Teams work more efficiently when they have up to date information and are on the same level with a team communication tool. It pays to have information equally available to everyone for project planning.

Meet the team behind the success of Prakya

We believe high performance teams are the pillars of a successful organization. By leveraging our vast experience and technology, we want to help organizations build their teams enabled with 360-degree visibility and visual collaboration tools.

Raghu Konka

Founder & CEO

Experienced and hands-on engineering leader with over 25 years of expertise in
enterprise collaboration, execution, strategy, architecture, design and development. Having developed several successful products & services and built high performance teams, it was his vision to build Prakya as a project portfolio management software.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics, and a master’s degree in business administration. He started his journey as a lead software developer and held leading faculty positions in India. Raghu has worked in several reputed companies in Silicon Valley. Prior to founding Prakya Inc, Raghu has been the Vice President of Engineering at iPass Inc, a leader in global Wi-Fi technology and services.

Sunil Kumar PV

Co-founder & Vice President of Engineering

Sunil is an accomplished and a highly passionate software professional with over 15 years of experience in a variety of significant Technical and Management positions. With a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Software Systems, he has managed and led lean agile teams to develop and deliver successful products, services of varying nature, starting from applications for Desktop, Mobile, to highly scalable backend services, and SaaS platforms.

Prior to co-founding Prakya Inc, Sunil was playing the role of Engineering Manager & Technical Leader at iPass Inc, for the SaaS based Platform Service, spearheading the overall end-to-end Product development & delivery efforts.

Sunil started his career with one of India’s leading CNC software companies that specializes in Computer Aided Manufacturing & Factory Automation.

He is passionate about technology and is a frequent contributor on technology forums, and also built a couple of Mobile applications in his spare time.

Our Board Members

Prakya is fortunate to have the expertise of seasoned industry professionals who believe in our mission, support and guide us with their experience.

Gary Griffiths

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Wisdom LLP

Gary Griffith is a 35-year veteran of the high-tech industry with long-standing experience of overseeing financial and accounting aspects, enterprise collaboration platform along with strategic initiatives of small technology ventures. He is currently serving as an advisor to two private equity funds: Parthenon Capital, and Day Capital Funds. He has also been a Board member of several prestigious private and public companies such as Silicon Graphics International Corp., Janrain, Inc., and others.

A renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he has founded a string of start-ups. Griffiths has also been the president of products and operations at WebEx, acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. Apart from this, Griffiths was also the co-founder and CEO of Everdream Corporation, a SaaS company, acquired by Dell Inc. and co-founder at, later acquired by Sega, Inc.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the US Naval Academy and master’s in business from George Washington University. He has ever since been at the forefront of using technology to build collaboration platforms for seamless integration, helping the organizations to ensure program management tools for Visibility across teams.

Griffiths was the CEO of iPass, a leader in Global Wi-fi technology and services before co-founding Wisdom LLP.

Srinivas Konanki

National Service Sales Manager, Mettler-Toledo Rainin

Srinivas Konanki is a trailblazer in the Pipette calibration industry.  Srinivas along with his wife Manjula Konanki founded Pipette Calibration Services Inc. (PCSI) in 2004.  Srinivas and his team pioneered changes to how service was delivered to meet the growing needs of the Life Science Industry in the Northeast.  Prior to founding PCSI, Srinivas was a franchisee for Calibrate Inc.

Over the course of the next 12 years, the business became extremely successful and a leader in the industry.  In 2016, PCSI was acquired by Mettler-Toledo Rainin, a leading pipette manufacturer.  Srinivas currently serves as the National Service Sales Manager at Mettler-Toledo Rainin. His hobbies include sports, traveling, and playing golf.

Our Advisors

Prakya is fortunate to lean on pillars of expertise and wisdom from industry leaders. With their advice, we are inspired to change the world for the better and empowered to act on our mission.

Bennett Barouch

Startup Company Advisor

Bennett Barouch brings a diverse background to his role as an Advisor to Prakya. Bennett developed software used to design integrated circuits used in satellites in the US space program.

He led the engineering of a product entered into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute, for Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology. He ran engineering and operations for the then-largest enterprise-grade secure data network on the planet, with zero end-user visible outages. He led a team that created aggregated financial portfolios for consumers, spanning multiple banks and brokerages, with no security issues, and a team responsible for a data pipeline that converted diverse, low-quality incoming data into a well-structured catalog of information, using a combination of AI and traditional programming.

Bennett has repeatedly brought product management and engineering together, created and led quality assurance and security teams, and advanced adoption of agile methodologies in both startups and Fortune 500 companies.